Pannonhalma monastery  

The red marble gates built at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, opening from the main nave of the Basilica on the right and left sides, imitating the Roman style, lead to the rectangular space of the Crypt covered by cross vaults resting on six pillars and cantilevers. The pillars rest on wide octagonal base plates, the column heads and cantilevers are covered in a thick budding leaf motif. In the Western dome stages the ornamentation is enriched by symbolic carved wooden figures comprising human heads. Bays have been sunk into both side walls of the Eastern dome. One is an armarium bay (storage place for books and liturgy instruments) while the other is a lavabo (small hand-washing basin).

On the straight closing wall of the Crypt three lunettes can be found. According to legend the throne-like seating bay ornamented with three lobes covered in red marble beneath the stairs of the Crypt is the chair of Saint Stephen; however it was more likely an abbot’s throne.