Festival of Manuscripts in Tyniec Abbey

Tyniec Abbey / 17.7. 2018 - 22.7. 2018

For ages monks in monastic scriptoria had meticulously copied books by hand, passing down the legacy of their ages and of the antiquity. In many monastic scriptoria, the works were conducted continuously until the age when handwriting was gradually replaced by print. The monastery in Tyniec was the first one in Poland to revieve the forgotten crafts both of calligraphy and illumination through "Scriptorium" workshops led by Barbara Bodziony for the past 10 years. This way the interrupted tradition returned to the walls of the abbey. In 2018 we would like to remind about the contribution of monastic scriptoria to the European culture by organising a Year of the Book in the Tyniec abbey.

To mark the occasion we would like to invite to a unique Festival of Manuscripts from 17th to 22nd July 2018.
Programme and practical information (in polish): HERE