Useful information

Bzovik Monastery  

Getting to Bzovík

You can get to Bzovík by car following the E77 road from Zvolen or Šahy and turning into  road No. 526 near Krupina. Parking is available in front of the entrance to the fortified monastery. The village is accessible from Krupina by a local bus.


The site is freely accessible; it is always open. Disabled visitors can reach to the complex but may have problems in ascending the towers. (

Places of interest in the vicinity

- medieval churches in the nearby villages of Sebechleby, Hontianske Nemce, Dobrá Niva, Sása and Babiná

- in the town of Krupina: The Andrej Sládkovič Museum, the medieval fortified Virgin Mary Church, the watchtower overlooking the town, the Štiavnické vrchy Mountains and the Krupinská planina Plain (

- accessibility  to the World Cultural Heritage at Banská Štiavnica and its surroundings (

- the Museum in Svätý Anton (

- the Štiavnické vrchy Protected Landscape Area with the highest Mount of Sitno and the Saint Giles Romanesque church at Ilija

- the ruins of Čabraď Castle in the cadastral territory of the village of Čabraďský Vrbovok

- the thermal spa at Dudince (


There is a restaurant and a village store at Bzovík

The nearest accommodation can be found in Krupina (, in Hontianske Nemce or in  nearby towns (e.g., Banská Štiavnica, Dudince, Zvolen).