Useful information

Lubin Abbey  

- how to get there

by car: route 308 from Kościan

by train to Kościan railway station and further by bus in the direction of Gostyń

- opening hours, accessibility

guided tours only from 9:00 to 11:30 and from 14:30 to 17:00 (winter opening time to 16:00)

The Church of the Nativity of Our Lady is not accessible for tourists during services, which start at the following times: 

12:15 Midday prayers
17:30 Vespers (winter time: 16.30) 
18:30 Holy Mass

- what is there to visit?

Saint Leonard Parish Church

The Abbey Church of the Nativity of Our Lady

the monastery

part of the monastery garden

- costs

accommodation and food: 70 PLN/person

- accessibility for the disabled

- offer for families with children

- offer for organized groups

groups up to 25 people

guided tours: (065)5118334;

guest house accommodation  (65)5118334;

- tourist infrastructure (cafe, restaurant, shop, accommodation)

Possibility to buy souvenirs, books and Benedictine food products (Produkty Benedyktyńskie) at the gate

Guest house accommodation : Guest Prefect, Brother Filip Burlaga OSB, (65)5118334;

important additional informationSuitable   dress is required throughout  the whole monastery and the monastery garden area (no sleeveless clothing or visible belly).

During the time from  Compline (night prayers) until breakfast (from 9 pm until 8 am) silence has to be be maintained in the monastery (if need be one  may whisper). Similarly, there is the rule of silence in the refectory (the dining room).

Women may be admitted to the Guest House for up to three days.

The guest house is closed and the gates locked at 9:30 pm.


Concerts are frequently organised in the abbey church. Free admission. Donations are collected after the concert to enable the  organising of subsequent concerts.

- contact

Opactwo Benedyktynów
ul. Mickiewicza 6
64-010 Lubiń

Telephone +48 (65) 5177 222
Fax: +48 (65) 5177 444

Prior: Brother Izaak Kapała OSB:,  Telephone: (065) 5118 339

Vice Prior and spokesperson  Father Maksymilian Nawara OSB,,  Phone: (065) 5118 345

- website