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History of Pustimer Monastery

Pustiměř Convent  

Autor: Martin Břeň, student KTF UK v Praze

The former monastery was located to the south-east of the closely situated  Přemyslid fortified settlement at Zelená Hora, one very important for that area already during the time of Bretislaus I, Duke of Bohemia (1034 – 1055). The settlement was probably established at the turn  of the 12th century. The foundation of the local rotunda with a settlement can be associated with the first half of the 12th century. It used to be the centre of the village dedicated to the Byzantine saint and patron of all doctors, one cherished even by the West, Saint Pantaleon. The Olomouc Bishop Jindřich Zdík is considered to be the founder. We can also find in the sources that around the 1130 the settlement, as well as the other lands and the Church of St. Peter in Olomouc found themselves under the jurisdiction of the Church of St. Wenceslas. All this happened while Jindřich Zdík was the bishop of Olomouc.  

Pustiměř Convent

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