Present time

Třebíč Monastery  

The Museum of Vysočina in Třebíč located in the oldest part of the monastery dating back to the end of the 13th century. One of its expositions: “The world of portals and gateways” is dedicated to the local history of religion. The  lower floors of the monastery by the atrial quad, which are one of the few that have still retained the character of the former Benedictine monastery, were chosen for this part. The singing of the Gregorian choir completes the atmosphere in the area of the cloister. In another part of the cloister  are exposed the late medieval and sacral baroque statues from various churches and chapels in the Třebíč region.

The next part provides a comprehensive insight into the history of not only the Benedictine but also the Capuchin Order in Třebíč through a presentation of historical documents, a subsequent part presents us with   the local monastic architecture, while the last of them captures the dramatic fate of the Church and of  individual priests in the 1950s .