Broumov Monastery  

The former medieval fortress was rebuilt by the Benedictine monks in the 13th century, when the land ownership was confirmed to them by King Ottokar II. The monastery gradually became a centre of cultural and religious life of the Broumov region and after a conflagration in the 17th century it was rebuilt in the baroque style by Christoph and Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofers. After a sad period in the second half of the 20th century, when the monastery served as an internment camp for monks and nuns, the monastery has, since 2007, once again become the centre of local cultural life; while in 2014 a part of the monastery and the monastic garden underwent extensive reconstruction work.

The area of  Broumov Monastery offers  visitors a tranquil atmosphere  in the very centre of Broumov itself. It is an example of  top class baroque architecture, with the monastic Church of St. Adalbert undoubtedly belonging to some of the most beautifully decorated churches in Europe. In this temple, which can be visited as part of a guided tour, you will encounter a large number of various reliquaries, i.e., boxes containing the remains of the saints, for example the reliquary of St. Adalbert, Lawrence of Rome, Clement and many others. The most valuable relic at  Broumov Monastery is certainly the copy of the Turin Shroud, which was found in the monastic church in 1999. The exposition of the Turin Shroud together with precious liturgical vestments can be seen in the monastery refectory. Another interesting room worth visiting is the library with its 17 thousand volumes and a highly prized early globe from 1712.

We recommend visiting  Broumov Monastery together with the nearby sandstone rocks, either the mysterious Ostaš with its rock labyrinth, Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny) with a beautiful viewpoint  of the whole basin and the Hvězda baroque chapel, the Adršpach Rocks with their  crystal clear small lake and waterfall or the Teplice Rocks with their many viewpoints.