Useful information

Monastery Premenenia Pána in Sampor  

Getting to Sampor


You can get to Sampor by car from Sliač or Banská Bystrica (via the village of Veľká Lúka), approximately 10 kilometres from the R1 highway. There is a regular bus service (the Zvolen – Lukavica bus line). The village is accessible also via a hiking route starting in Sliač and Banská Bystrica. Nearby Sliač has its own railway station and an airport.


Opening hours


The Monastery church is open to the  public every day until 8.15 p.m. Please visit the monastery website for information on accommodation, or send us an email at




Further  expansion of the monastery’s visitor infrastructure  will bedeveloped in the future.

Restaurants and hotels are to be found in the nearby spa town of Sliač. Please visit the website


Website; Email:; Phone: +421 (0)903 982 470, +421 (0)915 800 124