Via Benedictina photo exhibition

Tyniec Abbey / 23.9. 2014

Via Benedictina Photo Competition Exhibition presenting both inactive and active Benedictine monasteries in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. ...

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The heartbeat of the desert — symbolism and history

Tyniec Abbey / 21.5. 2015

What is the desert? Asking such a question in the 21st century may result in various associations. During the exhibition we will travel through times from biblical era through the time of Desert Fathers, when about 18 centuries ago the...

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Festival of Manuscripts in Tyniec Abbey

Tyniec Abbey / 15.2. 2018

For ages monks in monastic scriptoria had meticulously copied books by hand, passing down the legacy of their ages and of the antiquity. In many monastic scriptoria, the works were conducted continuously until the age when handwriting was gradually...

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