Useful information

St. Hypolit monastery in Nitra on the hill Zobor  

- The site is located in the grounds of the Nitra Hospital for Respiratory Diseases  on Mount Zobor. It is accessible by car or a regular bus service. There is a board displaying information on the history and archaeological findings of the monasteries in Zobor (only in  Slovak ). At the site, only the ruins of the Camaldolese monastery Church of St. Joseph can be seen. No masonry above the ground level of the medieval Benedictine monastery has survived.

- The site is officially not open to public access as it is located within the grounds of the hospital. However, after reporting  to reception, visitors are usually allowed to view the ruins of the Baroque monastery.  

- Located  a pleasant 5-minute walk from the site,  is a small cave called “Svorad´s Cave.” According to tradition, the cave was inhabited by the hermit St. Svorad in the 11th century. The rock above the cave is topped by a metal cross which was originally situated on the now non-existent Church of St. James in Nitra. A short distance away (above the village of Dražovce), is the Romanesque Church of St. Michael dating from the 11th century;  this being a typical rural Romanesque sacral building. The Church, situated in the centre of a prehistoric fort, offers an extraordinarily unique panoramic view of the three cardinal points.

- Wheelchair access at the site is limited due to several flights of steps leading up to the ruins of the Baroque monastery church

- Nitra offers great sightseeing opportunities for families with children: Castle Nitra with its Cathedral Church, the Romanesque Church of St. Stephen in Nitra – Párovce, the Baroque monastery Church of St. Ladislav, the Diocese Museum in the Castle, the Town Museum, the Slovak Agricultural Museum in Nitra with its archaeological exhibition,  to name just a few

- There is a buffet in the hospital. Accommodation in hotels and pension houses can be arranged in Nitra

- Please visit for more information on the site´s history