Rajhrad Monastery  

After the internment of the Benedictines in 1950, this sight was so irresponsibly neglected by the state that today the reconstruction requires extensive funds. So far the most expensive reconstruction works were those of the shoring up of the foundations and the building’s upper structure.
The monastery is an immovable property cultural sight registered on the ÚSNKP (the Central List of the National Cultural Sights) under the registration number 0918. Within this object there is another cultural sight – the library furniture and the library collection constituting 64 000 historic volumes.

Most of this library collection had been deposited until mid 2004 in the eastern wing of the monastery quadrangle. The books were deposited in an unsuitable location and under poor conditions,  in a premises which had meant to have been cleared out. Today, the renovation work on the  library has been finished and the books are put back in place. Nowadays, there is also foundation shoring work being done in the eastern part of the building. The northern, western and eastern wings of the quadrangle are at present already reconstructed and serve mainly  the Museum of Literature in Moravia  

The reconstruction of the southern wing of the prelature was carried out in 2012 and this wing serves today as an  area for exhibitions.

The temple of the Abbey of St. Peter and Paul is permanently used for church services. The adjacent presbytery is the seat of the Order. The monastery’s agricultural buildings are used only in part for various purposes. The rest of these buildings are unusable  due to their poor state ofrepair. These buildings are also being gradually renovated.

The adjacent gardens were devastated and after 1997 the resultant grass area was only mowed. Devised for their renovation  was, in conjunction with help from the Rajhrad municipal authority , the project  “Verdure recovery  for the Rajhrad monastery.”. On the basis of  decision no. 23230331 on the provision of financial means from the State Environmental Fund , an 80% of costs grant was approved for this work. The recovery of the former vegetation  is on going to this day.