Practical information

Panenské Břežany Castle  

The chapel is preserved in its original form. It has a floor plan of an equilateral triangle with oblique corners. On each corner there is a turret, but the interior has the floor plan of a symmetrical hexagon. Before the front facade there are columns with statues of the Holy Trinity, the Saints Lawrence, Florian and Benedict of Nursia. The windows are inspired by gothic architecture. On the main altar there is painting by Jäckel, which depicts Saint Anne; this painting is held by two sculptures of angels. The baby Jesus sits on the lap of Saint Anne and he bends towards his mother, who is kneeling in front of him. The sides of the altar are decorated with sculptures of the Czech patrons – St. Vitus and St. Wenceslas. There is also a baroque pulpit with a statuette of St. George.

The small altars are decorated with later paintings of St. John of Nepomuk and St. Izidor by Josef Mathauser from  1891. The Lower Castle is a multi-storey building with a saddle roof and balcony. Surrounding it is an English-style castle park.

How to get there

From Prague: from the underground Kobylisy station take the bus no. 373 which goes straight to Panenské Březany. The ride takes approximately 25 minutes.