Useful information

Kláštor Rimavské Janovce  

Getting to Rimavské Janovce

Rimavské Janovce lies 5 km to the south-east of Rimavská Sobota. Coming by car from Rimavská Sobota, simply follow the signposts. Parking is available near to the church.

There is a direct bus and train service from Rimavská Sobota.

Access to the church

The church is open to the public only during  services.

At other times, only guided tours are permitted. Please call Ms Fačková on  +421 (0)47 56 77 113 to confirm entrance on a given day and for  a given time  prior to your visit. Group visits can also be pre-booked.

The entrance fee is voluntary.

Unassisted disabled  access  is not recommended as a result  the of the entrance steps .